============ Just a little about me ============

I build all my computers as I have a serious passion for technology. Building IS better than buying.

My advice to everyone: High speed internet is the only way to go. Get rid of dial-up. Get cable based internet.

I spent seven years as a "Front End" mechanic for various Ford Dealerships.

I enjoy working with tools, especially power tools. I am good with my hands as I am very mechanicly inclined.

My advice to everyone: Get a truck, everyone needs a truck; front-wheel drive is a useless waste of time and money.

I am very interested in learning as much as I can about everything I can.

My personal interests are more in the direction of anything electrical, mechanical, computerized, and new and interesting technology.

I like to play pool, darts, and games like chess. I also enjoy swimming, dancing, and plenty of good rock-n-roll music.

I Really get into music; especially rock-n-roll from the late 60's to about the late 80's. The best dance music I think came in from the late 80's to maybe the mid 90's - there is alot of good disco out there too.

I am a "Trekkie", I enjoy Sci-Fi, horror, comedy, and certain war movies. I also like to watch educational, history, and learning programs and movies.

I am primarily conservative.

I have been listening to Rush Limbaugh for years, and I really do believe in the message he puts out.

I do not believe in global warming (as it is presented). If this is actually happening, there is NOTHING the human race can do about it (certainly not even with the current level of technology).

There just simply is no proof the we created the ozone hole, or that we can fix it, or that we can do ANYTHING about it.....atleast anything more than watch it.

Man will destroy itself long before destroying the planet.

I do not agree with the notion that SUV's are creating ANY kind of problems. If any type of vehicle should be ridiculed and abolished, it is the front wheel drive. No airbag or "crumple zone" can make up for the weak nature of the front wheel drive.

When it comes to oil, hey, if I could get an electric motor for my truck that gives the same horsepower, torque, and speed as my gasoline version at the same price......I would jump at the chance. Especially if it were just as reliable. It does not even have to be electric, ANY other fuel would work for me. What you must realize, is the need for petroleum in other aspects of the vehicle. This is not even to mention the use of oil in other forms-------plastics, pantyhose, etc.

When it comes to pollution, I do think that we should not be careless----but at the same time, recognition should be given to the FACT that the Earth itself does more damage than man. A Volcano can erupt and put out more earth damaging pollutants than ALL the automobiles that have ever been created.

In memory of my grandmother

Wanda L. McIntyre Brenengen


I have a high school diploma and hold a college degree in applied science.