============ CABLE ============

There are many different cable companies out there. Comcast, TimeWarner, and Cox just to name a few. This is not a sales pitch and should NOT be perceived as such. I do however believe that anyone that can get cable...should. I believe it is technicaly superior to whatever else might be available. The reason for this section of this site is to provide some insight and perhaps a little help in the reality of cable. There are many ways to achieve a working arrangement and things are always changing (kinda like life). There are however, certain technical rules that MUST be followed or problems will likely result. If you are having problems with your cable, this does NOT necessarily mean that it is the responsibility of the cable company to fix it. Any good cable company will do it's best to provide service, but sometimes the problem is with what the user (customer) does not know or with defective equiptment owned by the home owner. A four month old tv cannot be ruled out as the problem simply because it's only four months old. Being new does not mean it's any good. Many problems are the responsibility of the cable company to fix. But, as people tend to want to do things on their own (I have no problem with that), I've created this.

All the signal for all the services your cable company provides are always on the line at all times unless filters (or traps) are used. As for the signal...it's all about frequency and the power behind that frequency. All the rest is about the equiptment (tv's, modems, etc.) and the way your account is setup.

What are you interested in?
1) Splitters
2) Coax cable and connecters
3) Proper Grounding
4) Splitter configuration
5) TV connections
6) Signal Leakage
7) Cable TV remote codes