====== Coax Cable and Connecters ======

The coax cable itself is very important. The only type of cable that should be used is RG6 quad sheild (with the rare exception of RG11). RG59 cable should be completely avoided as it is just not adequate, especially for anything digital. RG59 cable might be alright for analog signal, but RG6 is still preferred. RG59 is cheaper and is often found in older homes. The physical differances are in the gauge of the center conductor, the sheilding, and the dielectric between them. RG59 has a center conductor that is too thin while also having too little sheilding. The connecters (or fittings) are also very important. A connecter that is not attached correctly can create all kinds of problems. In a very real sense, the cable and connecters can be thought of like water pipes. Bad cable or connecters can create "leaks". The radio fequency signal traveling through the wire can leak out while allowing outside signal to penetrate in. This interupts the flow of digital signal and can distort analog signal. Signal leakage can be detected from upto two blocks away. This is what often produces "ghosting" for analog and also can make a digital channel pixelate or go completely blank. This makes it very important to only have cable outlets activated that are being used. Any outlet not being used should be deactivated or that outlet will become an antennae...pulling in outside signal and leaking out the desired cable signal.

NOTE: It is not my intention to be overly technical because books can be written with years of study based just on antennae theory.