====== Splitter Configurations ======

Configuring the splitters prolerly is quite often the hardest thing for anyone to do. There is a very specific order to it simply because of the fact that splitters reduce the signal strength. It is because of this (and signal leakage) that the fewest number of splitters should be used to get the job done. The only time when there shouldn't be any splitters at all is when only one device is used. Meaning, ONLY one tv in the house or the house is ONLY getting internet and/or digital phone service from the cable company. In either of these to cases, only one line should be active and getting signal. There are a few types of splitters and they are used in certain combinations to activate cable outlets inside the house. It is this combination that needs to be correct in order to achieve the proper amount of signal to the right outlets. Modems MUST be on the first splitter (a 2way or the 3.5 leg of a 3way). Then comes all the tv's with cable boxes. Any tv that does not have a cable box should be last in line on the splitters because they don't require as much signal. It doesn't really matter 'where' the splitters are located, they just need to be all in the same place.

An amplifier can be used under certain circumstances (generaly after the splitter for the modem and before the tv splitters). This is often a judgement call made by the installer and is based on signal strength levels. Amplifiers should not be used to strengthen the signal for modems or placed directly behind tv's.

Possible splitter configurations:

When 2 devices are used
When 3 devices are used
When 4 devices are used