My Dearest Gandma

It is with love that I dedicate this to you. I have never known a kinder more caring soul than you. I will never forget how you were always more concerned with the happiness and well being of others. I will never forget the hugs that came with every visit and your desire to make sure I had something to eat with a comfortable place to sit. I never knew you to have hate in your heart or malice of any kind. It is infact, your selflessness that sets you apart from all the rest. I know you went through a great deal of turmoil and grief in your life. But, you kept your smile. I will always remember the nights I stayed with you as a child (sometimes half asleep) with Johny Carson on the tv to be followed by MASH. Then, being awakened the next morning to the smell of cornbread in the oven and coffee being made. Throughout my life, you were there. At every event and every seemingly mundane day. It is from you that I learned that no matter what has gone wrong in life or what bad thing happens...I can still keep my smile, my faith, and the love of family in my heart. I never got a chance to know Grandpa, but I knew you and I am greatful for the love that you brought not only into my life but, also into the family. A family that would never have been here without you. A fact that was recognized as the entire family celebrated your birthday with a bang on the 4th of July. The 4th of July will always be yours. As you go through the gates to heaven, don't worry about what's here on earth anymore. The Lord will take care of you now.