Periodic Table of the Elements

H1 He2
Li3 Be4 B5 C6 N7 O8 F9 Ne10
Na11 Mg12 Al13 Si14 P15 S16 Cl17 Ar18
K19 Ca20 Sc21 Ti22 V23 Cr24 Mn25 Fe26 Co27 Ni28 Cu29 Zn30 Ga31 Ge32 As33 Se34 Br35 Kr36
Rb37 Sr38 Y39 Zr40 Nb41 Mo42 Tc43 Ru44 Rh45 Pd46 Ag47 Cd48 In49 Sn50 Sb51 Te52 I53 Xe54
Cs55 Ba56 Hf72 Ta73 W74 Re75 Os76 Ir77 Pt78 Au79 Hg80 Tl81 Pb82 Bi83 Po84 At85 Rn86
Fr87 Ra88 Rf104 Db105 Sg106 Bh107 Hs108 Mt109
La57 Ce58 Pr59 Nd60 Pm61 Sm62 Eu63 Gd64 Tb65 Dy66 Ho67 Er68 Tm69 Yb70 Lu71 Lanthanides
Ac89 Th90 Pa91 U92 Np93 Pu94 Am95 Cm96 Bk97 Cf98 Es99 Fm100 Md101 No102 Lr103 Actinides
Name Boils Melts Weight Discovery Date


Nobel Gases Non Metals Metalloids
Transition Metals Alkaline Earth Alkali Metals
Halogens Other Metals