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Chronicals of the RIAA SNAFU envolving the downloading of music....

RIAA: Those CD rips of yours are still "unauthorized"
Congress considers bill to make radio "pay to play"
RIAA writes its own "news" for local TV stations
$40K to fill an iPod? One third of PCs use LimeWire instead (Updated)
3 down, 1 to go: Warner Music Group drops DRM
RIAA Goes After Fair Use
RIAA Now Filing Suits Against Consumers Who Rip CDs
MP3Tunes Comes to the Wii
CDT Names Bogus Music Sites
The RIAA is NOT saying that ripping your CDs is illegal
RIAA Not Suing Over CD Ripping, Still Calling Rips 'Unauthorized'
Copyright Cutback Proposed As RIAA Solution
Jammie Thomas loses lawyer but avoids paying RIAA's legal fees
Radiohead: Artists often screwed by digital downloads
Lone holdout in DRMed music recommends DRM circumvention
Sony BMG to drop Custer stance on DRM
Excuse Me While I Share My Copy of 1984
RIAA's 'Misspeaking' May Have Affected Verdict
2007: A Bad Year To Be a Music Exec
Lawsuit demands end to iPod/iTunes monopoly; CD sales plummet
Sony's Idea of DRM-Free Music
RIAA Still Thinks MP3s Are a Crime, Despite Post's False Correction of File Sharing Column -- Updated
AT&T and Other ISPs May Be Getting Ready to Filter
Pirates Declare War on BitTorrent, P2P
Sony BMG to Sell MP3s on Amazon.com
Digital Music Sales Fall in 2007; Piracy Blamed
Analysis: Will streaming HD movies bypass Blu-ray?
Under pressure from EMI, RIAA could disappear
Legalize File Sharing, Say Swedish MPs
EFF Takes On RIAA "Making Available" Theory
DRM Is Dead, But Watermarks Rise From Its Ashes
MPA & RIAA continue Wrath into 2008
Amazon MP3 secures Sony BMG music, all four major labels
Why watermarking will never replace DRM
Exonerated RIAA defendant scores double victory in court
RIAA told to pay legal fees for harrassed defendant
RIAA Website Wiped Clean by Hackers
Canadian Privacy Commissioner: Just say no to intrusive DRM
"I Wouldn't Steal": European Greens advocate file-swapping
Canadian labels: We get "absolutely zero credit" for not suing fans
BSA: Piracy economic impact is tens of billions of dollars
DRM-Free Music Spells Trouble?
Web site signs up record labels to offer free music streams
Qtrax's free, ad-based P2P: Gnutella meets Zune-esque DRM
Amazon plans to take its DRM-free music offering worldwide
Qtrax's free, legal P2P scheme is vaporware for now
Antipiracy investigators run afoul of Swiss law in P2P sweep
Three 'big four' record labels sign with Sony Ericsson
Sweden to indict Pirate Bay owners by end of month
Music industry to ISPs: Check out the view from the top of this slippery slope
IFPI raids hundreds of Internet cafes: 600 cops, one arrest
Music file-share site Qtrax forced into humiliating U-turn
EMI gives music away to newspaper readers
Magistrate Suggests Fining RIAA Lawyers
Copy a CD, owe $1.5 million under "gluttonous" PRO-IP Act
RIAA Drops Case, Should Have Sued Someone Else
MediaSentry role in RIAA lawsuit comes under scrutiny
Yahoo Music Unlimited hits limit, inks deal with Rhapsody
RIAA Wants Songwriter Royalty Lowered
Digital revenues not enough to counter Warner Music's slide
Study: Blogging Affects Music Sales
Blog, Social Network buzz correlates to better album sales
RIAA boss: Move copyright filtering from ISPs to users PCs
Improper joinder rulings, sanctions threats don't deter RIAA
Labels want piece of the ad-supported music market
Music exec: "Music 1.0 is dead."
iTunes now the No. 2 music retailer in the US
No harm, no foul, no attorneys' fees for RIAA victim
iPod tax: UK music biz open to format shifting... for a fee
EMI Says Online File Storage Is Illegal
My Dear John Letter from MSN Music
IFPI, Czech police bust music server at Academy of Sciences
Single Mother Gets RIAA Suit Dismissed, Sues Them Right Back
UK ISP bows to record industry, to send P2P warning letters
Inside the music industry's piracy battle
RIAA Throws In Towel On "Making Available" Case
Law Profs File Friend-of-Court Brief Against RIAA
UK ISPs, record labels in talks over P2P warnings for users
RIAA Decries Texas Woman as 'Vexatious' for Demanding File Sharing Trial
RIAA Sues 19-Year-Old Transplant Patient
RIAA May Be Violating a Court Order In California
RIAA To Stop Prosecuting Individual File Sharers
Will the New RIAA Tactic Boost P2P File Sharing?
How Harvard Law threw down the gauntlet to the RIAA
MediaSentry & RIAA Expert Under Attack
Warner Music Playing Hardball With Rock Band
Why did the RIAA sue one Shaun Adams of Grand Island, Nebraska?
Appeals Court Says RIAA Hearing Can't Be Streamed
Don Henley battles Republicans over YouTube video
How Charter Communications warns accused file sharers
RIAA Brief Attacks Free Software Foundation
Music industry sites DDoSed after Pirate Bay verdict
MPAA Says Teachers Should Camcord For Fair Use
Approximately 62 new cases filed by RIAA in April
RIAA Lied To Congress About New Filesharing Suits
Lawyer: RIAA must pay back all $100M it has collected
Sony lawyer: $150K damages per song "certainly" appropriate
Hey, kids! The days of free music are over.
Music industry calls for filesharing tax
Damned Pirates: Hollywood Sets $10 Billion Box Office Record

The MPAA and the downloading of movies (and other related articles)....

Wal-Mart's online movie failure: DRM, high prices to blame
FT: Fox, Apple sign movie rental deal
Americans Still Tuning In to Technology
Toshiba Files DVD Patent Suit in Italy
Update: Warner Bros. to Become Blu-ray Exclusive
Sony to distribute content in DivX format
Warner Cites DVD Sales, Gas Prices as Fuel for Blu-ray Disc Deal
Oops: MPAA admits college piracy numbers grossly inflated
What the MPAA Still Isn't Telling Us
Using Ubuntu to Bust Movie Pirates: Fair or Not?
Record Box Office Indicates MPAA 'Piracy Problem' Hot Air
DirecTV DVR clampdown: a sober reminder of DRM suckitude
MPAA wants to stop DVRs from recording some movies
MPAA Says No Proof Needed in P2P Copyright Infringement Lawsuits
MPAA: opposition to selectable output control "astonishing"
ZillionTV promises unlimited TV through targeted ads
MPAA's hacking history bites it in the Aris
Pirate Bay Court Loss Won't Stop the Flow of Files
Why There's No iTunes For Movies
Apple launches iTunes movie store in Germany
Pirate Bay cofounder denies MPAA allegations
Isohunt judge says MPAA has yet to prove direct infringment
Obama Sides with RIAA, MPAA; Backs ACTA
Anonymous plants pirate flag on MPAA website
Big Content goons arrest nine-year-old girl